Thursday, August 25, 2011

Maid Abuse in the Middle East

Now that the oil-rich Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have announced their unrelentless and steadfast memorandum banning and cancelling new hire Filipino Domestic Helpers, I hope the Philippine government will be vigilant enough to implement a strict policy and security measure to monitor unscrupulous individuals or manning agencies from resorting to human smuggling and trafficking.

We have witness so many human rights vilations and inhumane treatment of our OFW in the Middle East. Let alone the physical hardship and mental torture they suffer during the plight, it is but proper not to negotiate further.

Human rights in the Gulf Region is of no significance and will never be address justly.

Even at the height of the Arab Awakening, the world bear witness to how a monarchial state ingested his citizen's mouth with wealth and lavish warranties just to keep their eerie howls as quiet as possible. And the unruly few who claim they hold the courage to defy and despise, simply chickened-out.

"And I say unto you, whoever was wronged and fell victim to injustice and inhumane treatment in these chapter of life, never disdain nor feel hopeless because in the next life you and your tormentor will be judged fairly not in front of the secular hypocrites nor mortal kings but in front of GOD!"

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